The Walser village

Macugnaga, located at the foot of the spectacular east face of Monte Rosa, is a small alpine Village of Walser origin in the Anzasca Valley in the north-west of Piedmont.

The culture, tradition and customs of its people are still visible in the architecture of typical huts, in the old ovens for baking, in the traditional costumes worn during festivities, or in Titsch, the language spoken by the elders of the land.

Every corner of Macugnaga retains its original features, which makes it one of a kind; one such example of this is the Dorf, the small settlement dating back to the thirteenth century.

Completely immersed in nature, rich in larch and beech forests, green pastures and spectacular waterfalls, Macugnaga is the ideal destination for lovers of unspoilt mountains and authentic traditions.